Digitized Recipe

The best way to share your family recipes

We will scan, read, type and upload your recipes to a website that you can share with family and friends. All of your recipes will be in one place, organized and beautifully displayed. You can search for an ingredient, and find every recipe that uses that ingredient. Once your recipes are digitized, they can never be lost.

01:Why Digitize?

Recpies are passsed down from generation to generation, the center of family gatherings and social events. They are an integral part of traditions, and can bring back wonderful memories. Over time it can become more dificult to keep these recipes in pristine condition. They come in contact with food during the cooking process, or get lost in the shuffling of papers on the counter.

As these dishes are shared with more people, the recipes are even more treasured. It is difficult to locate the owner of the original recipe, and it can be even harder to know where you last placed the recipe in your box. Did your favorite pie recipe end up in the cookie file? When you digitize, the recipes become accesible by your entire family at the click of a button and every recipe can be searched by title, category or invividual ingredient.

02:The Digitization Process

Scanning your Recipes

The first step in the digitization process is scanning your images, so the original handwriting can be preserved. We provide you the files of upload images, via e-mail, if you choose to have us scan them. If you would rather scan the recipes yourself, all you would need to do is e-mail us the scanned recipes.


Typing your recipes is done manually, and with attention to detail. A "T" instead of a "t" could be the diference between "Oooh!" and "Eww!" This process takes time to be done properly. Once your recipes are typed, they will forever be preserved.

Design Options

We provide multiple design options for each customer, based on what style you are wanting. You will be given the option to choose your favorite design and we can customize colors and fonts. Click Here for an example of one of our Digitied Recipe websites.

Putting your Recipes Online

After typing your recipe, they will each be added to your website. They will be put into categories, so they can be easily browsed. You will also be able to search all of your recipes at once using a single keyword or phrase.


If you choose to have us scan the recipes, you will need to ship them to us. We will provide instructions when you place your order, or you can contact us with your questions. It is recommended that you protect your recipes with plenty of protective packaging, and consider sending via certified mail. If you don't want to ship your original copies, you can scan them yourself and e-mail us the images.

Domain Name

The easiest way to share your recipes with others is with a custom domain name. We will help you find an available domain name that is memorable and has meaning to you. THe cost of this is included in your order.


Mobile Friendly

All of our Digitized Recipe websites can be viewed on a mobile phone or tablet.


You can share your website in person, on the phone, via e-mail or even on Facebook. Simply tell people the domain name.

Multiple User Accounts

New recipes can be added at anytime. We make it simple by creating individual accounts for each person that you want to grant access to. They will be able to add and edit recipes.


Each package includes 3 years of hosting and domain name registration. That means that your website will be available online for 3 years from the date of completion. After that, the yearly fee is just $99.

04:How long does it take?

Scanning and Typing

Approx. 3 weeks
This is where the bulk of time is spent. Each recipe is read, typed and added to your website. If you have more than 700 recipes, this process can take longer. Contact us for details.

Editing, Design, User Accounts

1 Week
Once your recipes are online, we make sure that everything is in the correct category, the design
05:Photos and Stories

Share more Information

You can use your Digitized Recipe website to share family photos, stories and other information.

07:Get In Touch